Jessica Archer, AIA

Project Manager

As a Project Manager, I draw satisfaction in seeing clients use and appreciate our buildings. It is rewarding for me when people enjoy and make the space we designed for them their own, especially when they are excited to spend time in the building we have envisioned for them. I often work directly with our clients and had one memorable encounter recently when a District’s facility manager turned out to be my former middle school vice principal. Luckily, I was a good student and it was great to work with him to deliver a great new middle school to the community.

When asked about an experience with architecture that has deeply affected me, I shared a story of a trip to Europe a few years ago. I had studied many of these historic buildings, experienced them in photos and film. When I traveled to London I took the underground to the Westminster Station and as I walked up the stairs to the street level, my heart began to pump. I stopped at the top of the stairs and was looking up a Big Ben! I walked around the corner and saw her – Westminster Abbey. I had done a report on the Abbey in elementary school and it had always intrigued me. I knew the details of the exterior, of the layout of the interior. I walked up to the doors and stood under the detailed gothic arch. I stood there for a long time, amazed at the detail and the craftsmanship and art that was in front of me. Westminster Abbey was the first building that moved me to tears.

Since joining McGranahan, I have stepped into a role of mentoring some of our younger design professionals as they work towards their license. I help give them a bit of direction and am someone that they can bounce questions off.


Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, University of Washington
Bachelor of Science in Construction Management, University of Washington
Licensed Architect; Washington