Kim Fong, AIA, LEED AP

Senior Project Designer

When it is done right, architecture strikes a perfect balance of traditions and innovations. It transcends traditional definition, sensory experience, and space-time physicality, allowing people opportunities to create new and experience memories in our constantly shifting and evolving world. The challenges and opportunities that come along with each project are different each time; as architects we provide complex solutions to intricate and intangible parameters. Although the realization of (from) an ideological concept to functional form and space is very inspiring and intriguing, often it is the journey to discoveries and innovations that inspires me to continue my professional journey. Architecture is both poetic and pragmatic and innovation is both impulsive and compulsive. Practicing architecture elevates our spirits and make us feel part of something bigger than ourselves.


Bachelor of Architecture
Bachelor of Environmental Design
Licensed Architect; Washington


National Architecture Accrediting Board