Alisha Gentry

Director of Administrative Operations

My role as Director of Administrative Operations allows me to work with just about every single person in the office on everything from project deadlines to ordering material for models. I am considered the “go-to” person in the office. I manage the administrative support staff to meet all of our many project deadlines. I work on many end of phase documents and assists with the development of office standards which cover everything from document forms to project filing structures. While I am not an architect, I find working at an architectural firm rewarding through the work created around me. I especially appreciate the importance of innovative learning environments for students as they develop their creative minds and their teachers as they shape the next generation of leaders.

I am involved with two internal committees in the office: Vital Workplace and Environmental Responsibility. The focus of Vital Workplace is to support our office culture and keep our staff morale at its best. Vital Workplace shows each of us on a personal level. It’s a chance for us to really get to know our coworkers outside of the daily grind. It’s what sets us apart from other firms – we have fun, we are a strong team, and we are authentic. We can’t work hard and not allow ourselves a little downtime. This is an important piece to McGranahan and appreciated by everyone.

My involvement with the Environmental Responsibility has positively impacted my way of thinking. It’s encouraged me (and others around me) to look at the bigger picture. Not just the 2030 Commitment and how it affects our work, but also examining our own daily activities at the office. We strive to be more thoughtful in how we utilize paper and how we dispose of our food waste. It’s encouraged me to think about the issue on a broader spectrum.


A+ Certified (Comp TIA) IT