Heidi Buchberger, AIA

Staff Architect

My passion for architecture is rooted in a childhood knee deep in LEGO and K’Nex with my brother (who went on to get a degree in engineering). However, it was a trip to New England at age 12 that opened my eyes to the influence architecture has on city and building and those who inhabit. I decided on that trip that I wanted to be an architect and never looked back. I believe that if we can create a space that assists in the learning process and inspires students to become great at whatever it is they want to do, we’ve succeeded. We get to work towards this effort five days every week.

For me, the culture of McGranahan is influenced by the lives we live outside of the office. During the day we are designers, managers, administrators, architects but we are also hikers, skiers, second-language learners, mountain climbers, bakers, Seahawks fans, farmers, and sand castle builders. These aspects of our lives make each of us so unique, and allows each employee to bring a special trait to the work environment that makes our culture so very rich.


Master of Architecture, University of Texas at Austin
Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art / Art History, Mathematics minor, Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame