Mark Bergquist, CSI, CCS

Construction Administrator, Associate

I wear two different hats in our office. I write the specifications that accompany our drawings, and administer the construction of our projects. I work with people outside the office – with clients’ facilities and operations staff, with consultants and with general contractors and their subcontractors – as much as I do with colleagues in the office. A project’s specifications describe the craftsmanship and material requirements of the building portrayed in the drawings. My role as a specifier is to spell out these requirements clearly, correctly and completely, so that our client and the contractor are on the same page. During any construction project, there are always disagreements or issues that arise. The major issues are never the same from one project to the next. Problem-solving is always critical, especially when it results in a win/win solution.

Seeing the design and plans of a project brought to life, helping to make the dreams that our design and the plans represent a reality, is a very rewarding part of practicing architecture for me. The relationships that we make, with clients, our colleagues and consultants, and the contractors who bid and build our projects, are also very rewarding.


Master of Architecture, University of Illinois
Bachelor of Arts, English & Russian Literature, Northwestern University
Licensed Architect; Washington