Mitch Kent, AIA


As a Project Manager, my responsibility lies in the realm between the studio and the client; marshaling the wide variety of influences, responsibilities, and opportunities requires a wider, broader view to capture it all. The rigor we apply to each building transforms participants during the design process and inhabitants every day. The simple discussion of a complex idea raises awareness and inspires new thought. Our work directly serves each community, as a place where students spend the best part of their day. Beyond “warm, safe, and dry,” our work anchors common memories and experiences. I find the complex integration of “place-making” and problem solving, embodying art, science vision, and inspiration, a rewarding part of architecture. In creating and realizing places and spaces for learning, we touch students, teachers, and their communities year after year. I love a good challenge, relishing the process of finding a solution, and enjoying the realization of great places and spaces.


Master of Architecture
Licensed Architect; Washington