Samira Mote


As a student of the Science and Math Institute, I have the incredible pleasure of taking classes in a building designed by McGranahan Architects. Throughout my time in the Environmental Learning Center, I noticed the strength and power architecture can have in shaping community and connections. I believe the Environmental Learning Center, through McGranahan Architects’ thoughtful design, has significantly strengthened our own Thinking, Balance, Empathy, and Community pillars.

To me, the culture of McGranahan means a culture of learning. Every experience I’ve had here emphasized, at the core, the idea of constant growth and learning. I greatly admire the ubiquitous understanding that every opportunity, meeting, learning session, and project is a chance to learn. It creates a strong culture of collaboration and empathy as everyone works towards greater understanding through sharing knowledge and encouraging feedback.

My own passion for world history and cultural exploration lead me to tie in pieces of my own cultural background into my work. I see in my own cultures great intersectionality and that prompts me to dig deeper in my own work to better comprehend my own perspective and those of others. I think my passion can help me to find creative and thoughtful solutions that tie into the deep history of our communities.



Tacoma Science and Math Institute