Tim Mahoney, AIA, LEED AP

Staff Architect

I was raised in a family that placed great value on education.  My mother worked as a Reading Specialist helping children with learning disabilities to overcome those challenges and become successful students, my grandfather spent his career as a college professor helping to educate future teachers and my brother followed in his footsteps becoming a college professor and lecturer as well.  Though my own interests put me on a different career path than educator I am still driven to contribute to the field of education and pass on the values that were instilled in me through my own work: designing places that will inspire students and teachers to develop their creativity and explore their passions.

My primary role with McGranahan is Project Architect.  It is my responsibility to ensure that the building will meet the program requirements of the client while adhering to all associated code requirements and expressing the design intent of the project.  As a project architect I work closely with the Designers to resolve the technical challenges associated with the vision for the project.  I am also responsible for coordinating the work of the various engineers and consultants who serve on the project team to incorporate their systems into the overall building design.

The most rewarding aspect of being an architect is seeing an idea that you have generated take physical form and provide others a space that enhances their daily experience whether that be attending school, working or relaxing at home. I find great meaning and personal satisfaction in working on the design of educational facilities.  To know that I am part of a team that is working to provide places that will cultivate learning and inspire future generations to discover their passions is incredibly rewarding.

Bachelor of Arts in Architecture – University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Bachelor of Architecture – University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Professional Accreditations – AIA / Leed AP / CSI CDT / CSI CCCA