Clarus Eye Center


The Clarus Building is a medical office building that contains three different tenants: The Clarus Eye Centre clinic, The Laser and Surgery Centre, and an Optical Shop. Each tenant is provided an identity within an integrated solution. The project included the development of a full block site.

The building exterior is constructed of primarily masonry and steel panels representing a permanence and sophistication that is rare in many commercial endeavors. The building sits on a prominent corner and was sited and designed to provide maximum commercial exposure and a civic presence.

The project concept is built around a straightforward orientation idea that utilizes individualized interior volumes and daylight to provide specific area and tenant identity, visual interest, and project wayfinding. A large cylindrical oculus serves as a welcoming entry device and becomes a street corner beacon in the evening hours.

Client: 20/20 Properties

Location: Lacey, WA

Size: 18,640 SF

Project Team:
Marc C. Gleason, AIA, LEED AP
Seong Shin
Garner Miller
Tom Houha