Knowledge and Rigor

Our work expands the properties of the core materials of our trade and the spaces we create. We build the innovative without sacrificing the practical.

Architecture for the most part is still a handmade craft. Any good design must be integrative, considering all the influences and then contemplating and producing the ideal solution for that particular endeavor. In a continual effort to improve our work, we collaborate with craftspeople to constantly hone our skills. We develop our craft with and alongside our clients, contractors, craftspeople, and our peers. The development of craft must be applied at many scales to be successful in an architectural pursuit. A well-honed skill and an understanding of detail, from early planning all the way to how materials come together, is critical. On a macro scale, if spaces are not properly considered and refined they may “leak” or not function as intended. In the same way, yet at a smaller scale, a poor exterior detail may also fail to perform. There is a rigor that must be applied to achieve the full potential of a material or composition. The understanding of materials and systems and their appropriate use is fundamental.