We believe education transforms individual lives and society; that thoughtful architecture fosters meaningful learning. Collectively we are dedicated to the creation of inspiring learning environments.


Genuine Collaboration

Open dialogue, intellectual curiosity and thoughtful partnership—across the client and multi-disciplinary team—are the foundations of our design process. An environment of shared teaching and learning expands possibilities, builds understanding, streamlines decision-making and, most importantly, improves the built result.

While we encourage healthy debate, we also know the importance of moving on. Collaboration does not mean design by consensus. Collaboration shapes the basis and the fundamentals, and then once established, effectively moves forward into prioritized implementation.

Transcendent Value

Great architecture requires accomplishment beyond the initial program; our work helps the client identify and realize increased project potential.

At the end of the day, it’s about activities and experiences within and about the finished building. Our work expands those actions, events, and interactions, creating value beyond initial expectations.

Intrinsic Beauty

Architecture is an artistic endeavor and beauty is essential to a thriving built environment. Together with all the characteristics that create a well-balanced design, beauty must be an innate aspect.

For us a project’s beauty is an element that must resonate, transcend time and style and provide delight for the life of a design.

Developing Craft

Our work expands the properties of the core materials of our trade and the spaces we create. We seek to strengthen the link between technical craft and designed object: we create the innovative without sacrificing the practical.

This work requires honing our skill, maintaining rigor, and accepting and properly evaluating risk.


Environmental Responsibility

Environmental responsibility is fundamental to every project: actively and sensitively responding to the site’s unique conditions, enhancing the environment, and minimizing use of natural resources.

Rewarding Relationships

Working with us goes beyond “client” and “architect.” We foster bonds and honest exchange because more meaningful team relationships—amongst staff, client, community, and consultants—improve building process.

While we fervently believe this improves our architecture, our goal is broader: we prefer work founded on mutual enjoyment, engagement, appreciation, and respect.

Distinct Solutions

The client, the context, the culture, and the program of each project define the design. Our hand will be evident in the result through the commonality of our approach and process.

Distinctness—uniqueness—is also crafted from the different personalities on each team.

Vital Workplace

Creative challenge and professional rewards are markers of our firm. We build high caliber employees and great architects through ongoing professional development and mentorship.

We are a community of architects and friends who enjoy our work each day.

Ongoing Legacy

Our pursuits and our efforts are genuine. Success comes only with a positive contribution to the built and human environment. Each project is our best effort.

We have inherited, and have grown from, a practice with deep and respected roots. We are continuing this legacy, this ability to look back with pride and without reservation.