Say Hello to Our New Project Coordinators

Who are the operators behind our project teams’ successes? That would be Latoya Berry and Alexandra Arnold, our two new Project Coordinators. While they both started as Administrative Assistants who help provide support in our firm’s operations this past year, Latoya and Alexandra soon excelled beyond their roles and became integral parts of our project teams. Not only have they integrated themselves into the frontend of architectural projects, but this amazing duo is also able to juggle multiple projects and deadline items seamlessly as well as to contribute to all different phases of each project.

It has been a joy to witness both women’s natural progression to becoming Project Coordinators as their knowledge and skillsets slowly but surely outgrew their Admin Assistant roles. This new opportunity will not only allow them to be included in team meetings, but also get the full scope of the project and design process.  

Above all, they make a wonderful team whose energy and fun characters never fail to brighten up our office. Without further ado, meet Alexandra and Latoya:

Alexandra Arnold

“My new role as a Project Coordinator will give me the chance to get fully integrated into the project teams as well as the opportunity to attend team meetings and receive more context to each task. This level of familiarity with fluctuations in the project schedule will allow me to be proactive and anticipate when the team needs different types of support. Without that insight, my work would otherwise just be reactive. Being a member of so many projects of different scales and areas of focus is a constant learning opportunity for me.

As I continue to support projects through the different stages of design and construction, the more I look forward to turning what I have learned into valuable contributions to the success of future projects.”

Latoya Berry

“The Project Coordinator role will give me the opportunity to work closely with consultants on things such as coordinating specs to get in bid and permit packages. We will be packaging up the drawings and project manuals and putting together various reports for different stages of the project. In addition, we will also be helping with Construction Administration when the CA require assistance with logs, report, and meeting minutes. The great thing about this role is there is so much variety and things to learn along the way–there’s never a dull moment.

I believe McGranahan stays true to its mission of a collaborative design firm that values my input and genuinely wants to help me develop my career. I believe in my new role as Project Coordinator and I look forward to sharpening my Adobe Creative Suite skills and learning more about the architectural design process.”

Author: Stephanie Mai

Posted: June 18, 2019

Category: News, Passion