Annual Office Retreat Featuring The Go Game (Video!)

Once a year the McGranahan team gathers together for our annual staff retreat, and this year was a special one! We teamed up with San Francisco based team-building group “The Go Game”, for a fun-filled team-building retreat. Imagine if the “Amazing Race,” “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” and Cranium were all wrapped into one giant game with all of your coworkers. That’s what The Go Game Team brought to downtown Tacoma for McGranahan!

As teams paired up, we were asked to pick team names, and what we came up with was: Seven Samurai, Epic Name, Dream Team, Today Was A Good Day, 4Adventure, Jedi Five, We Got Nuttin and The Purple Haze!

Because The Go Game produces custom interactive adventure games that incorporate technology, we were given cellphones that delivered missions. The missions lead us all over downtown Tacoma. A few missions we all went on included re-creating classic video games, flash mob dancing behind strangers, headless horseman photos, Finger Movies, McGranahan Theme Songs, etc!

Once the Go Game was over, we came back to our meeting space and found out which teams won! First place with 1097 points was Seven Samurai, second place with 1051 points was Epic Name, and third place with 1014 points was Dream Team. To be honest though, the whole day felt like a win. It’s not that often you get to spend all day with your coworkers collaborating on creative and challenging games. Thanks the GoGame, here’s to another awesome McGranahan office retreat!


Posted: October 9, 2017