Sound to Narrows

Part of a healthy work/life balance is finding ways to integrate concern for physical health into our work culture and daily routines. The office has recognized that long work hours need to be balanced with exercise and has long supported personal wellness and encouraged employees by sharing in the costs of memberships to the YMCA. This support for employee well-being was expanded to include a fitness focused event, sponsoring a McGranahan Team, first in 2016, for Tacoma’s annual Sound to Narrows 12k.

Now two years in the running, office participation in Sound to Narrows was actually a bit of a revival of McGranhan traditions in the past – and several long-time employees as well as some recent hires have been perennial participants. Office sponsorship was based on a goal of introducing others joys of running and walking, while strengthening employee relationships and workplace vitality. The event was more than just a Saturday commitment; with a training schedule, employees were encouraged to prepare in the months ahead of the event and several small teams formed to run at lunch or after work.  Team identity and enthusiasm for Sound to Narrows participation was enhanced by a t-shirt design competition in 2016 which gave team McGranahan a distinctive look.

On Saturday, June 10th, our office fielded a team of 50, including 26 returning team members and 24 first time participants. Including all five partners, we had 27 McGranahan employees, four guests from PCS Structural Solutions, and the support of friends and family members. We had both runners and walkers, and while some participated competitively, many benefited from the supportive atmosphere of being part of a team and a larger community event.  While finishers 1, 2, and 3 were claimed by employee spouses, there was excitement from many for besting their personal goals or just from the thrill of finishing. Following the run, the team celebrated at the Swiss.

Author: Brett Santhuff, AIA, LEED AP

Posted: July 25, 2017