Spring Design Challenge

Our 2017 Spring Design Challenge, conceptualized by our Director of Design, Matthew Bissen, focused on the design of a temporary 2-D wall graphic, image, or artwork for an approx. 14’ wide by 14’ tall wall segment. The purpose of the design/artwork was to represent the culture, people, processes, and or vibrancy which resides here at McGranahan. The wall presented itself as a blank canvas while we prepare for future office renovations. We saw the blank wall as an opportunity to express our culture within the firm and to our visitors.

This effort was intended to be highly creative, exploratory and a rigorously fun effort for everyone to engage in design problems. This challenge offered a chance to exercise design skills, explore new methods, dive deep into creative energies and collaborate with others.

Twelve individuals and teams entered the competition, each with uniquely creative designs for the wall. The teams were asked to present their concepts for the firm-wide popular vote which was factored into a juried selection. Jill Cohn presented the winning concept, titled Art Farm.

Art Farm: A place to cultivate ideas, thoughts and talents characteristic to the McGranahan community.

Everyone who is a part of the McGranahan community are doers. Creativity is intrinsic to who we are. We all have creative interests aside from what we do at work. The Art Farm is a place to cultivate our ideas, show our talents, share our thoughts and get feedback.

Whether you are a painter, a sketcher, a writer, a poet, a photographer, a printmaker, a hiker, a builder or a music maker; this is the place to let it show.

The execution of the wall is sheets of plywood fastened horizontally to the existing wall. Using the leftover partial sheets of plywood, a contemplation bench/toolbox/step stool will be created. Inside will be cultivation tools for use.

The concept went through a refinement process and was unveiled to the staff in July.

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Posted: July 25, 2017