Shona Bose

Director of Environmental Responsibility, Staff Architect

I have spent most of my architectural career working in the K-12 school sector. I am driven by a love for the work that we do to create exceptional projects that will serve students and teachers for years to come. As someone working towards my architectural license, I am excited about this part of my career and feel like I learn something new every day, and every day I use my built-up knowledge to bring new ideas to the table. I greatly appreciate the culture of McGranahan. The people are passionate, professional, and engaging. Our care for our craft, the design, and our fellow human beings shines clearly through the work that we do. This shows not only in the buildings that we design, but with the community we seek to create. For me, the reward comes in seeing the users’ faces when they enter the finished product for the first time. There is nothing better than getting to experience and discover new space that is all theirs for the first time.

I stay engaged in the Tacoma community through hosting events with AIASWW, Young Architects Forum Tacoma (YAFt), and Conversations Regarding Tacoma (cr:t). Through these groups, I get to meet Tacomans and delve into deeper issues around our region. Engaging with those outside our field is an enduring reminder of how amazing Tacoma is and how we are growing into the future.


Master of Architecture
Bachelor of Arts in Cognitive Science and Philosophy