Arlington High School

High School

The new Arlington High School replaced the original high school on a new 52-acre site. This comprehensive facility houses 1,600 students with core spaces sized to allow the school to be enlarged to accommodate 2,000 students.

The design for the school was the result of extensive planning, programming, and study with the involvement of many groups representing the community of Arlington. Recognizing its significance as the city’s only high school, the building is a response to not only the functional needs of the program but to community identity—both present and future. It addresses its site in a logical, organized fashion, taking advantage of existing topography and daylight and making efficient use of the limited property.

The building responds uniquely to the program by giving obvious architectural identity to the progressive and diverse program elements while at the same time unifying those elements and tying them together with a central core that is comfortable and familiar to the context of Arlington.

Client: Arlington School District

Location: Arlington, WA

Size: 220,000 SF

Project Team:
Christopher J. Lilley, AIA
Garner Miller
Andy Cottrill
Mark Bergquist, CSI
Ko Wibowo, AIA, LEED AP BC+D