Kennydale Elementary School

Pre-K/Elementary School

The Kennydale Elementary School design is a synthesis of program requirements, stakeholder input, and a response to the unique characteristics of its site and surrounding neighborhood. The new school replaced an existing facility on a relatively small 6.7-acre site. The site is bordered by I-405 on the west and a retained new playfield that occupied the northern portion of the site. In addition, the District was looking for increased parking for 100 cars and loading for eight buses. Efficiency in the new site layout was imperative to its success.

The placement of the administration area as a central hub provides visual supervision of both parking areas and the main lobby and entry spaces in the building. The organization allows for maximum separation of the classrooms from the noise of I-405 with the noisier spaces of the gym and commons placed as a sound “buffer”.

The classroom wing has been articulated to provide appropriate scale to a long building façade. The design also creates a rhythm by alternately “sliding” classroom blocks on the exterior while providing small-group activity “pull-out” areas and generous daylight on the interior.

Client: Renton School District

Location: Renton, WA

Size: 60,800 SF

Project Team:
Kris Stamon, AIA, DBIA
Tom Marshall
Garner Miller