Bryan Stryeski

Graphic Designer

I have always been fascinated by the built environment and the structures which make up our collective landscape. The integration of architecture and nature forms an intricate web of complex layers. While a building is just a small piece of our overall landscape, it can play a significant role within our built environment that extends far beyond its walls. I am inspired by the design process within the field of architecture and the possibilities that can arrive when we put our minds together.

As a graphic designer, I am particularly interested in the overlap between art and architecture. I have been collaborating with architects for many years, working on a range of project types from food trucks to skyscrapers. Graphic design is a powerful communication tool that can play an important role within the realm of architecture. It sharpens a good idea and hones thoughts into clear articulations. Here at McGranahan, I work on a variety of projects with almost everyone in the firm.  I support the design teams with graphic material that helps convey architectural concepts of various complexity to our clients. I also work with the marketing department to create graphic content that helps promote our work. I try to bring clarity and focus to the way in which we represent our design decisions. Our projects are diverse and the variables are never the same. How we communicate to our clients about our values through design has to be a constant.

McGranahan Architects is a diverse group of dedicated people with a similar goal—a shared commitment to design excellence and education. A tremendous amount of thought and care goes into every project. Everyone here has a voice and contributes to the consistent quality of our work as a firm. I enjoy being a part of something larger than myself through this collective effort.


Master of Fine Art, Yale University
Bachelor of Fine Art, Maine College of Art