Federal Way Public Schools Memorial Field

Alternative Delivery

Memorial Field has served as a district-wide facility since 1971. However, the seating capacity did not allow for regional / state events or future growth. Safety and security concerns were due to undefined boundaries between home and away teams and spectators, and overall improvements were needed.

The design-build project team, with BNBuilders, proposed a design that includes two new covered grandstands accommodating 4,000 spectators, split equally between home and away. This capacity will serve all anticipated functions, including graduation and state playoffs. All athletic surfacing, equipment, and field lighting was replaced with state-of-the-art features. The facility has been reconfigured, providing clear and distinct areas for home and away teams and spectators. These areas have numerous security features, adding a new sense of safety to the stadium. The new Memorial Field will create a new identity to reflect and celebrate the multiple uses it will serve for the diverse community of Federal Way.

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