Malou Alampay

Project Coordinator

I have been in the Built Environment field since the 1990s and love how I can assist project teams. The position of Project Coordinator is a complex one, being involved with projects at different stages, from pre-design to close out.  It requires careful attention to details and coordination with architects, various consultants and users. Processes are continuously changing, so it is also necessary to be open to learning new skills and concepts.

Working in the field, I have seen how architecture influences how people think and behave. At the same time, people’s culture, habits, perception, and intentions influence how architecture is shaped. It is a different kind of artistic expression where each person is able to have a different experience.

I have a strong belief that we should be continuously learning, which is why I feel blessed to have found McGranahan. The culture of our office helps foster that love of education in the positive environment, and in the projects we take on, which mostly center on education.


Bachelor of Science in Architecture, the University of the Philippines
Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning, the University of the Philippines