Mark Belcher, CPA

Accounting Manager

My role in Accounting is primarily to support McGranahan Architects in operations. One of the things I admire most about accounting is the importance of following proper processes. Coming from a non-architecture background, it’s interesting to observe and learn about the design and building processes of campus environments. Similarly, I also enjoy discovering new similarities and differences—accounting and otherwise—between an architecture firm and my prior work experience in retail/wholesale operations.

McGranahan’s mission to create a culture of learning is its most meaningful quality. In addition to my work playing a small part in the process of creating innovative environments that facilitate student education, I find McGranahan’s commitment to employee growth and career development to be equally significant. The culture is a great fit for me personally and it is fun being surrounded by creative individuals (maybe a bit of that creativity will eventually rub off on me).

Outside the office, I enjoy road trips, hiking, and a great number of sports. Soccer currently has the title of my preferred sport to play and watch. As an adult, I have tried to make the most of the physical gifts given to me, understanding they won’t be available forever—the groove in my couch would suggest I often come up short in this area.


Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington
Certified Public Accountant; Washington