Steve Broback

Construction Administrator, Senior Associate

With over 30 years in architecture, I apply my skills and knowledge through specifications and construction administration to assure that we use the best systems available within a project budget and also assure that the execution of those systems and details is of the highest quality. I find great reward in executing a detail, assembly or building better than could have been imagined—displaying shocking competence and knowledge and manifesting that ability in a built object. Building a school or a large project requires that many people do their job well. I like working with a group of people who all believe that they can do their job well (and maybe better than anyone else).

Architecture is the creation of space by expert fabrication and the assembling materials into the configurations that we need and can imagine. Outside of the office I spend my time making musical instruments including guitars, ukuleles, and woodwinds. I also do metal fabrication of aluminum and steel light fixtures, furniture, and parts for motion picture equipment. Anything made poorly is not worth making. I expect high quality work from myself at home as well as at work. I hope to one day build the perfect building.


Bachelor of Architecture, Cooper Union
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking, University of Colorado