DaVita Financial Headquarters


DaVita is a fortune 500 company and one of the leading providers of kidney care in 2,000 clinics across the country.  The 182,000 sf DaVita Corporate Finance and Information Technology Office is located in Federal Way in Washington to accommodate 700 “teammates” as well as traveling corporate teammates.  The space consisted of 2-story work place with healthy workspaces, skylight lounges, outdoor terrace, corporate café, training rooms, fitness center and an on-site employee clinic. It was designed to reflect DaVita’s corporate culture, enhance the employee experience, promote the firm’s core mission and values and maximize daylight and views in deep and long floor plates.

DaVita desires to be a community first, and a company second. The work environment promotes a sense of individual identity as well as community.  There are two 2-story open spaces allow teammates to look up, or down, or across the spaces to actively engage with other teammates.  Each space incorporates “Skylight Lounge” – a space with comfortable lounge seating, open café, and a water feature. This space can be used as an informal meeting space to promote socialization and togetherness under oversized round skylights in various sizes.

DaVita wanted their new space to develop and maintain their teammate-friendly work environment for their “Evergreen Teammates”.  The design elements, such as light fixture pattern, floor pattern as well as colors and textures enhance the sense of “Evergreen Teammates” community with the 2-story “Evergreen Tree Trunks” and the entire space are connected to these two tree trunk in the “Skylight” lounges.

Collaboration with the DaVita Corporate branding team created DaVita “Branding” wall opportunities throughout with their mission and values.

The design maximizes views and daylight by collecting private office spaces to the center; keeping open the majority of the perimeter for their teammates low workstations.  All major circulations are connected to the natural lights horizontally as well as vertically.  Their indoor cafeteria was designed to be open up to the outdoor terrace with folding garage doors, and multiple skylights were introduced throughout the building.

Client: DaVita

Location: Federal Way, WA

Size: 182,000 SF

Project Team:
Todd Olson, AIA
Seong Shin
John Dorsey