Department of Ecology

Alternative Delivery

This three-story facility centralizes formerly scattered divisions of the Department of Ecology under one roof providing efficient and effective co-location. A self-contained library, physical fitness facility, cafeteria, conference rooms and laboratory space augment office area which accommodates 1,200 staff.

The facility is designed and built to minimize waste, using numerous recycled materials. State-of-the art storm water controls, filtration vaults and biofiltration systems, capture and treat water from parking areas, roofs and roads before it infiltrates into the ground. Native trees, shrubs and grasses are used so irrigation isn’t needed. Natural gas provides morning and after hours heating. The rest of the time, the building is heated by people, lights, office equipment. This project received a retroactive LEED Silver certification for its groundbreaking sustainable design. This project was a seminal project for our office and has provided much inspiration for our approach to sustainability. The project was also a design-build competition winner.

Client: State of Washington

Location: Lacey, WA

Size: 330,000 s.f.

Project Team:
Marc C. Gleason, AIA, LEED AP
Gary Chandler
Howard Struve
Doug Martin
Blake Bolton