Medina Elementary School

Pre-K/Elementary School

The new Medina Elementary School replaces a ’60s campus-style facility in a park-like setting and accommodates 450 students. An extensive predesign process explored educators’ philosophies of inspiring leadership into a design expression that reflects a student’s journey. This educational journey includes many stations along a path where learning and discovery occur. These stations embody three overriding themes: Mind, Art, and Nature.

The new building is composed of collaborative learning pods pin-wheeling off a central gallery with the spaces representing these ideas. Elements throughout the building lead you on a journey into and through the space. Outdoor learning gardens continue the learning environment into the landscape and fuse the site with the building.

Dramatic improvements in traffic safety were accomplished in the site design between parents, busses, and staff providing fundamental needs so that attention could be focused on student development.

Client: Bellevue School District

Location: Medina, WA

Size: 66,000 SF