Teacher Education & Family Development Center

Higher Ed

The Teacher Education and Family Development Center (TEFDC) at Centralia College will expand the established Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Teacher Education while enhancing and consolidating the current Child and Family Studies lab settings. The design of the site and 18,583 SF building fulfills the college’s project goals and includes three essential programmatic components:  Child & Family Studies, Child Development Center, and Facilities, Maintenance & Operations (FOM).

The TEFDC replaces an existing 38-year-old CDC building, increasing the college’s capacity with (3) new college-level classrooms and (7) licensed childcare classrooms. Childcare classrooms are organized around a central play yard split into three distinct zones, two for children 3 and above and one for children 6 months to 2 years old.

The floor plan allows easy interaction and engagement between collegiate functions without sacrificing security zoning for the FOM staff and early learning classrooms. Offices are organized around the main entrance, giving students, parents, or guardians quick access to staff and faculty while maintaining safety and separation.

The TEFDC furthers the college’s ability to provide world-class educational opportunities for those wishing to enter the teaching profession through hands-on study and learning opportunities.

This project is fully designed and is awaiting construction funding from the State.