Triton Learning Center

Higher Ed

McGranahan worked with Edmonds College to create a comprehensive Predesign that outlined the new building requirements, including site improvements and conceptual plans for phased construction in anticipation of program growth in Adult Basic Education (ABE), Precollege Preparation and English Language Acquisition (ELA). The project creates additional teaching and learning spaces for a consistently overbooked campus. Triton Learning Commons (TLC) integrates with the existing Lynwood Hall to form a cohesive building.

The new TLC creates a welcoming and supportive heart to campus. The building improvements support a diverse student population and creatively address the need for diverse learning settings, including collaborative and individual study areas. The plan creates equitable access for each student to a variety of study spaces, resources, and amenities, including gender-neutral and gender-specific restrooms on all floors.

The program spans 49,800 SF over three stories. The first floor improves the overall efficiency of daily functions and creates a more welcoming and supportive experience for students. The second floor focuses on learning support resources; the third is dedicated to independent learning and research. The TLC serves as a campus model for environmental equity and responsible design, featuring energy-efficient mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, quality daylighting & views, and a high-performing envelope, meeting LEED Gold certification.