Grant Center for the Expressive Arts

Pre-K/Elementary School

The design of the new Grant Center for the Expressive Arts (GCEA) is arts-infused; providing embedded settings for creative inquiry, making, and expression throughout the building and site. The blending of core subjects and arts disciplines is fully integrated into the design of the new Grant; with core settings called Learning Studios, which are adjacent to a shared Makerspace to form a Learning Neighborhood.

The overall site design for GCEA provides opportunities for Arts-Infused Learning, creative play, and inspirational nature-oriented outdoor education. Green spaces, nature pathways, and gardening areas are provided as a way for students to actively and physically engage with the natural environment. By integrating moments for artistic engagement, performance, and exploration, the site taps into the concept of “multiple intelligences” and encourages a diverse education for students.

Parent involvement and community support are hallmarks of GCEA, so openness to the community is essential. The entire site is a community park after hours. Each of the Art Zones opens individually, or the whole school can be open, to truly serve as a community arts center as well as a school.

Take a virtual tour of the school with the video below:

Client: Tacoma School District

Location: Tacoma, WA

Size: 54,816 SF