Pierce College Cascade Building Phase 3

Higher Ed

The Pierce College Fort Steilacoom Cascade Building is unique in the community and technical college system. It provides spaces for administration and operations, student culture and instructional programs that represent 52% of the entire campus. Because of the size, the Cascade Building necessitated a phased renovation approach to bring it up-to-date with the high-quality academic offerings by the institution.

The Cascade Building is 247,000 s.f. on five levels with the renovation planned for three phases. Phase 3 includes renovation of the Cascade Building level one for the Emergency Medical Services program and construction of a new two-story building for Dental Hygiene, and Veterinary Technology whose space requirements have grown and exceeded the capacity within their existing space for effective and meaningful program delivery.  Most importantly, the spatial expansion is crucial to meet the updated programmatic and accreditation requirements.  The project also addresses site improvements: improving accessibility in parking lots, restoring native Garry Oak tree ecosystem, and creating safer pedestrian pathways for students while connecting the network to the adjacent Waughop Lake for the community.

The new building, approximately 36,000 s.f., will house Veterinary Technology on level one and the Dental Hygiene on level two. The veterinary space will have expanded lab spaces and animal facilities to provide high-quality education and training for the Veterinary Technology program. The animals will have appropriately sizes and healthy living spaces.  The Dental Hygiene Clinic will have an efficient, professional and safe layout to provide services to the community and training for the students.  The Cascade Building level one, approximately 20,000 s.f., will be renovated for Emergency Medical Services program to operate and grow, and it will provide new flexible learning spaces, additional classrooms along with a new Microbiology/AP Lab for general campus use.

Construction is planned to occur in two phases spanning approximately 26 months. Construction of the new building will take place in the first year and renovation in the Cascade Building will follow in the second year. The new building is anticipated to be operational for the winter quarter of 2022 and the entire project will be complete for the winter quarter of 2023. This phased approach is necessary to maintain program operations and minimize impacts to educational programs on campus.

Client: Pierce College Fort Steilacoom

Location: Lakewood, Washington

Size: 36,000 s.f. (new); 20,000 s.f. (renovation)