Timberline High School

High School

Timberline High School was comprised of 119,000 SF of new construction and 79,000 SF of modernization. It was constructed in three phases, over 2 ½ school years, while the school remained in operation.

Project goals included organizing the academic spaces by department, with consideration to the interactions and adjacencies between departments. The building was also organized around the Student Union which includes the Commons, Library, Administration, Student Services, and Food Service. This area is the academic and social heart of the school as well as a great asset to the community.

The large wetlands on-site and a heavily wooded cemetery to the west create a setting of northwest beauty that is reflected in the site design and building materials. The result is a building that expresses a timeless, enduring character that is welcoming and fits prominently in the community.

Client: North Thurston Public Schools

Location: Lacey, WA

Size: 119,000 SF new, 79,000 SF modernization